Thursday, May 27, 2010

Crafts and the Chemo-brain...

Odd title that....but in my astonishment that - it has been since November since I posted here, that is the explanation.

About that calendar time last year I was blindsided by the diagnosis of B-cell Lymphoma, a very treatable, tho uncurable, form of blood cancer. 'Nuff said about you'd like to read about that particular journey of can check it out here:

This figures into my craft blog here in a rather disconcerting way....but I am working my way through that too. Besides the fatigue and general lack of energy that kept me from pursuing my crafts, there were unexpected side effects from some of the meds that are interfering too. I have discovered it is harder to concentrate, to focus for a long period of time....and that gets so frustrating - it was just easier to not start. Then a new of the meds can (not always - temporary hopefully - but maybe not) give one that 'tingly' - waking up after being asleep feeling in my feet and fingers. The feet tingling is a mere annoyance, and I have not problem just ignoring it....but the finger thing....which extends to the fingertips....that became a problem.

I love beading....and especially beading with Delica beads....and they are tiny. Ever tried to pick one of those up when your fingers are kinda numb and tingly at the same time. Uh...doesn't work too well. So, for a time, I just left the beading and wirework - meaning most of my jewelry making alone for a time....and concentrated on healing and doing things that didn't involve small!

That mostly was knitting and crocheting...there were several baby afghans to be made...and projects for myself (gasp!) that I'd just never finished...this was the time for that! So I have enjoyed doing that and learning to deal with the little glitches as I go along. You may see a couple (or more) original crochet designs on here a little later....I'm exploring making up my own patterns for things...kinda fun!

Lately tho, I have gotten the yen to get back in the studio and try working with some of my larger beads....not ready yet to tackle the Delicas again yet....but it's coming..I can tell! So, I've cleaned up the studio again ( a never-ending story) - and got out some sparkly beads....some pretty gemstone beads, and some cool glass coin beads....and came up with a few new things....and I like them!

First...the sparkly! A dear friend having 'gifted' me with some lovely crystal beads....I decided to see what I could put together...and combining them with some silvery bead caps and cool chain....came up with this:

These crystals are a light sapphire blue, with silver bead caps, and 4mm bi-cone crystals added as an embellishment. Turned out nice, I think!
My friend who 'gifted' me will shortly be 'gifted' back with these!

Another friend had given me some chandelier earring findings - not something I have ever gotten into....but since she was so kind to do this, I decided to see what I could find to add to the findings that would be pretty and 'summery'. Here's what evolved...

These are light green agate beads, with tiny light green crystal beads atop them, attached to the chandelier findings.

Lastly, I had earlier made myself some pretty earrings out of some blue glass discs - and had always wished I had made a necklace to here was my chance! Alternating the blue discs with the chain worked out really well - and I am loving the result! Can't wait to wear them together! No picture yet of the earrings - but I will get one and post it here....meantime, here is the necklace:

I may re-do this whole thing later......but here tis for now...