Thursday, November 12, 2009

Stayin' Out Of The Wind and Rain!

The weather is absolutely terrible - so it was a perfect time to race for the studio (getting wet in the process!) and play while the wind howled!

I got out all my bugle beads, seed beads, and dagger beads, just to see what I had - and was astonished at how many different places I had stashed them! And here I thought I was fairly organized....hoo boy - embarrassing!

Moving right along - have far fewer bugle beads than the others - have daggers with no matching seed beads...but....there were enough to spark my imagination for a couple of new (well, more than that, but that's all I had time for!).

I cranked up the radio and the heater....and sat down with the beads....first my favorite color, blue...with a combination of clear transparent color, and opaque pearly color - and the fringe earring pattern that I know by heart...oh, so pretty!!

Then I looked at the green....and there sat the ones I disliked a LOT last time I tried this - but looking at them again - I know why - the color 'tones' don't match, so the whole pattern just doesn't hold together visually. With that in mind, I picked some really pale green pearly seed beads (Ceylon finish, I think), and frosted white bugle beads. The dagger beads I had were the same tone as the seed beads, so they looked good! This combination really appealed to me - the pale shade of green, and the matte white bugles...nice!

I have one more new combination I'm going to try - brought them in to work on tonight - and the mind is percolating about my 'verse purse' - next project to re-visit!

Here's today's goodies:

are they not very pretty?? Course you have to like pastel!

and here's the green version:

Next version, I'm going to try a wider, longer more favorite colors... stay tuned!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Amazing What You Find....

Even though I have not been terribly active doing jewelry and crafts - I have been VERY busy! Happy to say that all Christmas presents that needed making are all done - just need boxes and wrapping - good feeling that!

I also have joined a couple of groups here on the net. I have always wanted to do a bit of 'giving back' with my crafts - but never could find a good way to do that. Now I have found not one, but two! I first found a site through reading another crafting blog - called Heartmade Blessings - they have a group of people (like me) who make afghan squares in colors and sizes that are requested. They make afghans for anyone going through a crisis - from families of soldiers who gave their lives, to chemo patients, to anything that an afghan would let the recipient know they are cared for. It is a good feeling to contribute to this effort.

I then found another site, called "Hero-ghans" - and this one is for families of those in our armed services who have died in service to our country. Done in patriotic colors, and according to their rules - on this one you let them know what you have ready - and then fill a request. The notes received back from the families are touching - and such rich payment for very little effort.

On both of these sites, you identify your square with a tag, giving your name and location - how neat to receive one of these afghans and see how many different people and places contributed to it!

Changing I did get some time out in my studio, and started looking through the beads I have on hand. I found the prettiest crystal star beads from Rings N Things that I had totally forgotten I had! Resisting the impulse to complicate it....I decided to just make a simple dangle....and oh, how I like it!

Took a long head pin, slid on the pretty little star, and then some sparkly crystal Delica beads - and that was it! Simple, and very pretty!

Here they are (did I tell you I finally got my trusty scanner working again on my studio laptop? Yay and Yay!!):

and a close up of the sparkly!

I'm calling these my "Star of Bethlehem" earrings - seemed the best name for them!

More to come.....stay tuned!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Wow - since August??

Well, I know it's been a while - but that truly surprised me. But then, a lot of water has flowed under the bridge since then....

I, in a word, got disenchanted - I had spread out my crafts among WAY too many venues - and for whatever reasons, none of them were doing anything much. A few people looked, some even commented - and it wasn't that I didn't like what I put out there - I love every single design. But...enough is enough!

I dumped them - all of them. Well - except for this blog and the website (with very little on it) that shares the name with the blog. Quit Etsy, Artfire, ByMe, Handmade....and those that I cannot even remember (you know you are stretched too thin when you can't remember them all). Took a bit of time to do that.

Then I did more thinking....why is it that I seem to be 'forever learning' - that I am a 'jack of all trades, but master of none?' I am just so fascinated by all the techniques and materials out there....I just want to try them all! I still do! So...what to do, what to do??

Should I just continue with trying out all the things I can (and I have a LOT of 'stuff' to experiment with) - or try and pick one and become very proficient at that. Do any of you have that problem? Am I the only one doing this? Lol! Maybe I am (please leave me a comment if you are....would be nice to know I'm not alone in this!)

So...for now...I'm picking an area - and then I'm revisiting what I've already done with it....and then try new things - to become more proficient...and explore other ways to use it!

So...I'm back....with camera in hand (need to build a light box) - so stay tuned for whatever it is that I decide to try first!