Tuesday, March 1, 2011

February Gone Already?

I had them done....really! But, what I didn't have is time....time to fuss with the pics, to sharpen and color-correct them. Someday, I'll learn enough to use a camera and have them turn out!

At any rate....I am part of the Creativity Prompt - a fun and creative way to celebrate each month with a different word - and February's word was appropriate - "LOVE"

I have been trying to learn new things for both this monthly idea and the Bead Journal Project.....so this month, I tried a brand new stitch - the Diamond stitch....and ended up doing variations on a theme!

I chose amythest crystals and fire polished beads - as that is February's birthstone (and I am a February person), and hearts to symbolize love....

First I did a single motif:

I quite liked how the stitch made it's own little diamond pattern, just from the difference in size of the beads, and how they were strung on the thread - the smaller beads making the corners. This variation was seed beads and 4mm crystal bicone Swarovski beads, with a dangle of a little iridescent heart (I LOVE these little heart beads!)

Then I thought....hmmmm....how would this pattern look doubled up? So....that became variation two:

I liked this version too....thinking this is my favorite. I doubled the motifs and put them in a vertical orientation....using the same 4mm Swarovski bicone crystal beads, and darker color seed beads for the corners. I also doubled up on the hearts....the little heart beads are a transparent amythest color on one side, and iridescent on the other....neat!

Then...of course, I started wondering how it would look with bigger beads? I just happened to have some 6mm fire polish round beads....so that was the third and final variation on the 'love' theme.... This was ok....but not my favorite - guess the 6mm are just a tad bigger than I would like to wear...I'm into 'little'. This version is back to just one motif, but tripled up on the heart beads....different look entirely.

I had a lot of fun trying out the different variations, and now the pattern is firmly in my memory, so I won't forget how to make it.....I'll for sure be using this pattern in more designs in the future!

Now....wonder what the prompt will be for March???!!! Stay tuned!