Friday, May 13, 2011

April Bead Journal Project Entry

April is long gone, and my BJP April entry remains kind of bare. I had intended to do a lot more with it - but inspiration eluded me, and I didn't want to just do the same 'fill in with beads' that I've already done. Didn't quite fit with the 'do something new' each month that remains my goal.

So....I've decided to leave it as is....I like the background....I like the frame of little flowers...speaks 'spring' to me. And I love the metal butterfly....who is smack dab in the middle of all the flowers....and I think....that is enough. 'tis....and I DO know what I am going to learn for next (er...rather THIS) month's project! Hoping for more success, and a new skill learned!

More stuff in the works......finding time....hmmm.....stay tuned!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Yay for Purple!

Cannot believe how time gets away from me.....too much going on, not near enough hours to take care of it all.....or even SEE it all! Whew!

Anyway - this month's creativity prompt from A Creative Dreamer was PURPLE - which is one of my favorite colors....I am definitely a blue, purple, lavender, grey kind of gal - so this one was easy - but what?

Decided to go back to a design I have always loved. I just like it! I had these tiny wooden spools - and some pearl-y I painted a pair of them purple, then made a teeny peyote stitch strip to go around purple nad pink. Oh, yeah - I love tiny!

Then I went beyond the box.....and decided to try a larger version for a necklace.... a bigger spool - same paint (which didn't look the same - interesting how size changes shades!). Then a larger version of the same peyote stitch pattern....and viola! Casual and swingy - I just love the look. Goes great with jeans....but I bet it would look good with most anything! are the pics......first the earrings:

and the necklace......

Just can't have enough purple!!!

Now....can't wait to see what the prompt is for June....and hoping my world settles down some...ha!