Thursday, November 12, 2009

Stayin' Out Of The Wind and Rain!

The weather is absolutely terrible - so it was a perfect time to race for the studio (getting wet in the process!) and play while the wind howled!

I got out all my bugle beads, seed beads, and dagger beads, just to see what I had - and was astonished at how many different places I had stashed them! And here I thought I was fairly organized....hoo boy - embarrassing!

Moving right along - have far fewer bugle beads than the others - have daggers with no matching seed beads...but....there were enough to spark my imagination for a couple of new (well, more than that, but that's all I had time for!).

I cranked up the radio and the heater....and sat down with the beads....first my favorite color, blue...with a combination of clear transparent color, and opaque pearly color - and the fringe earring pattern that I know by heart...oh, so pretty!!

Then I looked at the green....and there sat the ones I disliked a LOT last time I tried this - but looking at them again - I know why - the color 'tones' don't match, so the whole pattern just doesn't hold together visually. With that in mind, I picked some really pale green pearly seed beads (Ceylon finish, I think), and frosted white bugle beads. The dagger beads I had were the same tone as the seed beads, so they looked good! This combination really appealed to me - the pale shade of green, and the matte white bugles...nice!

I have one more new combination I'm going to try - brought them in to work on tonight - and the mind is percolating about my 'verse purse' - next project to re-visit!

Here's today's goodies:

are they not very pretty?? Course you have to like pastel!

and here's the green version:

Next version, I'm going to try a wider, longer more favorite colors... stay tuned!


BONNIE K said...

I bought these blue ones from you - or at least something very close to these - and gave them as a gift to my friend, who loves them.

Galleria said...

Your designs are always so fresh. I love them!

jojo said...

I've had alot going on, but I have always felt your prayers! and as always...great work!