Saturday, July 18, 2009

Features and Contests, Oh My!

As usual, been too long - but finally have the time and inspiration to get back on track!!

First - a feature! I was so thrilled and excited to be featured on the Handcrafted Creations Blog!! What a boost to my spirits to see my creations on here! I wanted to shout to the world - lookee here!! I want all of you to share in my excitement too - so check it out!
A huge thanks to Victorian Joanne for the kind words and wonderful layout of my craft creations! You all need to follow her blog - it is chock full of interesting things!!

As if that weren't enough excitement for one week - I also have been working on an entry to the "Use the Muse II" contest on The Beader's Muse website. I thought this was such a cool idea - everyone who entered got the same set of components - plus a "Muse" focal element. It was totally up to the entrant to create a piece of 'wearable art' out of these components - and any other goodies from our own stash. It was great fun! We are allowed to show a part of what we did - but - the "Muse" element has to remain a secret until the judging is complete and the winners announced!

In that spirit - here is a 'part' of the necklace I created with these wonderful bits and pieces:

The entry deadline was yesterday (I sent mine in a little early) - and now the waiting! The winners won't be announced for two - three weeks - and it's not the kind of thing where you can go vote - it is up to the chosen judges. The prizes are fabulous - so I'm really hoping!!! Stay'll know soon as I do!


Victoria Joanne said...

I like what I see so far. Sounds like a fun contest :)

Come on over to your blog feature and post a comment when you know the results of the contest - I wanna see the finished product :)

It was a pleasure to feature you beautiful creations. Thanks for telling other about me too.

have a fab day!

BONNIE K said...

Very cool. I love the earrings they featured. Yes, let us know what happens with the contest.

jojo said...

Just beautiful! Your work is always inspiring, I hope to find my groove someday too!