Thursday, August 12, 2010

More Goodies and the Give-away!

I made one more version of the fringe earrings - and needed to post them first....for it might have a bearing on the rest of the post!

These are a combination of chalk white bugle beads, and pale yellow seed beads...with alternating crystal AB finish and jonquil yellow crystal bicone beads - a nice light, lemony look, and I like it! No earwires yet..when they sell, I'll add the sterling silver french earwires.
At any they are: the give-away, and the result of the suggestions.....

My last post asked for ideas on what to do with the tiny pearl beads I had purchased....and the winning suggestion would win a pair of fringe earrings - sent to them at my expense as a 'thank-you' for the suggestion! I am so pleased that my dear friend from around the internet - Barbara Y. - is the winner. I am again reminded that it IS possible to be very good friends with folks you have never met 'in person' - just based on like values and compatible character. I have emailed Barbara, and will send off which ever of the colors of fringe earrings she would like, soon as she lets me know!

Now....her suggestion was was to make a 'multi-strand' bracelet with the beads. Wow! I had never tried anything 'multi-stranded' before, so this was going to be something new! I am not much of a fan of stringing beads - have never really mastered the art of crimping the skinny thread that has to be used to get thru the holes in pearls. to approach it? Ah....I would make individual components of wire and connect them together. I did have some nice double strand ends I could use....and in looking around...came across another of my favorites, tiny little hummingbird beads. I have used these before, and they lift my spirits just looking at them!

I alternated the components - three pearl beads on one, a hummingbird bead fromed with the pearl beads on the next.....connected with Argentium sterling silver jump rings.

Being a bracelet, and not being too heavy, I decided to go with a magnetic clasp - making it very easy to put on and take off. Nothing worse than struggling with a clasp you have to open and then hook to a tiny ring....grrrr...been there, done that!

Now that it is done, I am really pleased with it....and liking the look of the double, thanks to Barbara, I have a new design, tried a new technique, and made a piece I don't make very often.....and that's a very good thing!

Without further it is... the picture does not really show the slight iridescent shading on the pearl and purple and flashes of silver....tiny....but pretty!

Have more goodies to show....but they will have to wait for another deserves its it is a bit of a milestone!

Stay tuned!

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