Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Way out of the box.....

This month's creativity prompt given out by A Creative Dream
was to make a journal page. Whew. Of all the things I do NOT do,
this is a prime example!

But, I decided to make a stab at it....but in a very small way. As
all the projects for my Bead Journal Project are the size of Artist's
Trading Cards, my journal page was going to be the same size - thinking
maybe I'd include it on the wall hanging I'm planning for those.

I did make myself one rule....I would NOT use beads for this - if I was
going to do something different....make it different! So this became
a treasure hunt for things I could use...interesting was was lurking in
some of my drawers and containers....little wire objects that looked like
music notes, some pretty papers for some project I never started....

...and this is what I came up with....

I actually kind of like how it turned out....some of the papers here are
iridescent, but that doesn't show so well in the scan. but overall, the
sentiment is mine....and I'm going with it!

Wow....wonder what the prompt for April is going to be.....!


A Creative Dream... said...

I love it! I have several "journals" I've made that are the size of ATCs... they make for a wonderfully fast project that I feel like I can actually accomplish... And look at you, no beads! That had to be the toughest part! Great job!

Kim said...

I love it too Trish and I love that you went for it even though it wasn't something you would normally do. Your page is beautiful :)