Friday, June 15, 2012

Cancer Awareness....

....a subject close to my heart. As some of you know, in 2010, I fought a battle with Non-Hodgins Lymphoma, and am now 18 months in remission! My form of cancer is considered 'incurable but treatable' - and this remission is as good as it gets, and I thank God for every single moment I have - He is the One who got me through that experience, and is still my Rock! If you like, you can read about my journey with Lymphoma in my blog about the experience: Raindrops And Sunbeams Blog 

Since then, awareness of cancer has been a subject dear to my heart. I want someday to walk in the "Light The Night" walk, which in Virginia Beach is in early November, and I decided to make some 'awareness' jewelry to offer for purchase, and use 50% of the profits from those sales to try and reach the $100 goal to get my 'survivor' T-shirt and walk the walk. Alas, just 'cause you make the jewelry does not make it sell.....but I always have hope that someday the things I make will reach the right person....and I'll be on my way!

I designed these little earrings, and can do them in any color to represent any cancer that has a color - but the first ones were to be lavender - that indicates support for ANY type of cancer - and I love lavender!

The main part of the earrings is a tiny strip of peyote stitch made with delica beads - and the background is white with a lavender heart in the center - I love my little heart pattern!! I then 'zipped' up the peyote strip into a tube, strung some Tanzanite Swarovski 4mm crystal bicone beads on a head pin - 2 at the bottom, the 'heart' tube, and then 2 more at the top - attaching it to a silver-plated earring.

They are tiny, but they move with you and make a statement of your support in the prettiest manner! These sweet earrings are $15.00 per pair - the profit on them is not big, since I'm trying to make them a reasonable price, hoping for quantity to make up the difference! :-)

Here they are: 
More to come......stay tuned!!

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