Monday, August 17, 2009

Earrings Revised...and Revised....

I have a version of my "Fruit Of The Spirit" earrings on my iCraft site - but after they were done, although they were very pretty - half of the crystals weren't visible.

In the end, I didn't care for this - it may have made the earrings 3-D, but since there are 9 fruits, I wanted all 9 crystal beads visible too. I had an idea of how to accomplish this, and added incentive was a dear friend who is also a customer (thanks, Dee!). I made a new version - and all the crystals were now on the front side of the earring. Very pretty, and I was pleased to have my friend purchase them.

Then I got to thinking - what if I made the swirls smaller, making the crystal beads stand out would that look? Nothing would do but to try it - and when they were done, my heart and mind said "YES!" This is how I want them to look!

This is now the final revision - and the way I will be making this design from now on. The balance is just right. Tomorrow I hope to have them on my website, ready for sale, but wanted to give you a sneak peek here first!

The earrings are wire-wrapped - silver-plated 24 gauge wire over an oval base - just over an inch in length. There are nine separate wires, and each one holds a different color crystal - and completed with a spiral. Each one is then bent into shape around the oval to complete the earring. They are attached to sterling silver french earwires.

You'll have to wait to see these on my website Studio 2:14 to find out the colors of the crystals, and how each one represents a fruit of the Spirit - a list of these will be included with each pair of earrings sold.

I truly love this design - and welcome any feedback on them!

More to come tomorrow - both jewelry and other crafts....can't wait!!


Rashell from NanasGiftNook said...

Trish, those are absolutely gorgeous. I'm so glad you joined me on Twitter. Can't wait to get to know you even better.

God Bless,

aka @NanasGiftNook

Real World Mom said...

These are so beautiful! Off to check out Studio 2:14 now! :-)

Anonymous said...

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