Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Wait Is Over - But I Didn't Win...

The big "reveal" happened this past week - and the email was in my inbox....what would it contain?

Alas....not good news - I was not one of the winners of the "Use the Muse II" contest - and I am very impressed with the entries that were! Go and take a look at the creativity - made me feel absolutely 'stodgy'!! Here are the winners!
Ah well, it was great fun to try and put something together with a pre-selected set of components - I've never done that before - so I've also learned something new while having fun! that the "Muse" has been revealed, I can show you my complete necklace that I entered in the contest....

The "Muse" component was the large doughnut focal bead from LillyPilly - quite an interesting piece - but not anything that I would have worn in any case. Maybe that showed in the design, I don't know.

Not sure if I'll spring to spend the money to enter the next one or not - thinking I'll scout around for some other "make and show" projects to do in the future! So...stay tuned!

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