Saturday, June 4, 2011

May Creativity Prompt....

...and ahem.....just a tad late - but that's ok!

This time I have something truly new. Some of you may know I have been learning a totally new craft - and it turns out to have (for me) a pretty steep learning curve. But I persevere, and now things are beginning to progress.

What is this craft, you ask? Ah, it is glass bead-making - and by this I mean the torch and the glass rods that one turns into lovely glass beads in the flame. The videos I watch make it look so easy....but in my hands....decidedly not!

There are a few examples of the 'oops' variety of beads on my site
but since those pictures I have an entire bowl full of!
I love making the beads, and am steadily getting better at it...

I picked out four (three are promised to some very dear people), which I dress up in some gorgeous filigree caps - two shades of blue, lavender, and albaster pink (love that color!), and this is my 'artist's choice' for this month. Sadly, this is also the last of the Creativity prompts from A Creative Dream - I have SO enjoyed trying to make lovely things to fit the wonderful themes June comes up with. I am hoping she finds another variation on this to continue on with the fun.....have to wait and see.

So, here are my 'Remembrance Raindrop' charms....ready for whatever lovely use you want to put them!

Now to go experiment....and see what new things I can come up with! Stay tuned....

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Copper Diem said...

love those charms! i took a lampworking class too, and it is REALLY hard. so kudos to you!