Thursday, June 2, 2011

May is done....and so is my BJP project!

I'm just a bit tardy in posting this, but was thrilled to accomplish at least one thing with my May project - got it done in time!

The 'new' thing for this month was to put an edging around a cabochon in the center of my piece. As usual, I made it more difficult than necessary - and chose what I had on hand, which happened to be a rectangle....grrrr. It is a piece I made back when I could afford to 'experiment' with precious metal silver clay...a distant dream these days! It is a little rectangle of fine silver with the word 'wish' stamped in it.

Funny that what runs through my mind when I see that word 'wish' - is my mother saying to me when I was little...'if wishes were horses, beggars would ride'. Guess that was in the back of my mind as each little section of my project was a different bead, a different color, a different pattern....wishing for lots of things...

It also occurred to me that the element I have been 'missing' in all these projects so far is a unifying theme....the 'do something new' just isn't enough....and now that June is here, that's my new goal for the rest of these little works of find that element to build each one interesting to see what evolves!

At any rate....without further May project....appropriately titled "Wishes":

Now I'm really looking forward to June.....with a whole new perspective.....woo hoo!


Anonymous said...

That is BEAUTIFUL! May I ask you a question? How did you get your post onto BJP page? It used to have a "compose" button but I cannot locate it? Thanks. Marcy

Cyndi L said...

Trish, it's *beautiful*! So this month you filled the piece up with lots more beading than last month...they are both wonderful in their own ways :-)

Robin said...

I love the colors and the way the sides point to the wish, making it very dynamic!

Robin A.