Tuesday, March 31, 2009

...and a Couple More...

The final installments of my experiment with the fringe earring design.

First one - I almost managed to make it all one shade of pink - but the lighter against the brighter was pretty, nonetheless! I doubled up the bugle beads, then made the fringe - the bugle beads were the palest pink, and the Delica beads were a shade called "bubblegum'!

Then I tried another change - both in color and design! I made the entire earring wider - 7 beads wide instead of 5, and the color (which the monitor does not reproduce accurately) is a wonderful iridescent blue/purple/magenta in the seed beads and the dagger beads, and the bugle beads are a dark navy blue (shows up here much brighter than the reality). Limitations of color on the web!
So...here it is...the last one for now....

New stuff coming up - maybe tomorrow.....depends on how much 'crafty time' I can sneak into my day!

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