Friday, March 27, 2009

Spring Earrings - Simple and Pretty!

I decided to try my hand at beading again - I have not touched my bead stash for a few months now - having detoured off in other directions - which I am still pursuing.

I wanted to make myself some simple and pretty earrings to celebrate spring (even if the weather just won't!). I had a dark blue pair of these, and decided to try them in different color combinations. They have a bit of a Native American flavor - maybe because of the fringe, or maybe the combination of bugle beads and seed beads - but I like it!

So here is the first combo - clear bugle beads, pale blue seed beads, and frosted blue dagger beads to finish the ends of the fringe. They are attached to sterling silver French earwires.

I'm half way done with a light/dark green combination - wanted them to be in one shade - light green, but didn't have any bugle beads in that color. May have to play around with the pattern and see what I come up with after I finish this pair.

OH! And if you're so inclined - and would like to purchase this pair - they can be yours for $10 plus $2 shipping. Just send me an email at tryshz at gmail dot com - replacing the words with appropriate symbols.

More to come...

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