Wednesday, April 15, 2009

New Things!!

Finally had enough time to go and spend some in my playing around with a variety of different things.

First - a combo - I have these wonderful fine silver medallions - made from molds of antique buttons - that I have drilled (with difficulty) holes to hang them with - and tried combining it with a small square of peyote stitch Delica beads. I used a lovely shade of purple for the beading, then added more beads, alternating with sterling silver chain, also in purple - Delicas and larger beads - transparent version of the same shade - and I really like the whole effect! I added a sterling twisted silver circle toggle clasp to finish the necklace, which measures 21 inches - perfect length! Now I can't wait to try different colors!

Here is what I came up with! If you are so inclined - this lovely piece could be gracing your neck for a very attractive price of $30.00! Just send me an email at "tryshz at gmail dot com" without the quotes, and with the symbols instead of the words for them - and I'll reply quickly!

Next I tried some simple stringing - I had purchased a lovely bead (actually a couple of them), intending for them to be a focal bead - they are rectangular, and this one is a combination of cream and green, and is faceted - with a pretty matte finish. I added a green bead on the bottom to bring out the color, and then strung it on silver chain with a lobster clasp, measuring 19 inches. I quite like this look too. I am trying to come up with something special in earrings to go with this....will post them when I have them 'made'!

Here is my GreenNCream Necklace - which also is up for grabs - the perfect spring-like look, for a mere $25.00! Same drill - just shoot me an email at "tryshz at gmail dot com" - again taking out the quotes and putting in the symbols.

Much more to using my afghan prize money to try new things - things I've wanted to do, but couldn't justify the cost......but now I can! Stay tuned!

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