Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Time Sure Flies!!

I really haven't been lying back, watching TV and eating bon-bons...honest! I have been busy as a bee putting things on my newest venture -

So today I thought I'd back up a bit and put up pictures of some of the goodies that I have for sale there - and am preparing a tutorial on how I make my "...just because" cards.

So, without further ado, here's what I've been up to (what a terrible pun!)

I'm not as far behind as I thought! Here's a photo of my pretty lavender Flower Earrings - I just love these - they weigh nothing, and are one of my favorite colors!!

I tried something totally new to me....the idea in my head just wouldn't go try actually 'drawing' something myself! I have a pot of chives on my back deck - and they started to go to seed - and I thought it would be neat to see what kind of flower they produced. I was so pleasantly surprised at the lavender-blue buds that turned into fuzzy is what I drew!
I used colored pencils to draw them (and instantly wished I had 5o more colors!) and I'm very pleased with how the drawing turned out! I drew it on a piece of translucent sparkly vellum and embossed the edge with a pretty pattern. It is a cover page for a normal blank card - comments are welcome! I think I might be trying more of this!!

My last experiment was to make cards with some petit-point on the fronts of them. I just love the petit-point technique - which is really miniature needlepoint - and I've done them on perforated paper rather than fabric. I use Caron's Watercoulors fibers - and they are shaded, and produce a different effect each time I use them. I have been trying to think of a way to share these little works of art, and cards seem to be the perfect answer. These are the cards I am going to make a free tutorial on - in case you would like to try the technique. Even if you think miniature needlepoint would be tedious - these are so small, you'll be done before you're tired of doing it! Stay tuned on that!
Meantime - here's an example of one of the cards - and a close up:

You can read more about all these items on my icraft store - which is, of course, named "Studio 2:14" Check it out and tell me what you think!!

Trish's iCraft store: Studio 2:14

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