Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Disappointment.....then hope.....maybe!

I was playing around with ideas last week, and found one that I really wanted to pursue. I was not sure I could, as the materials I wanted, I did not know if they existed in the form I now need.

Long ago, I slip-cast porcelain Christmas ornaments, fired them and then decorated them with a dimensional glaze that was applied with little syringes. It was, I guess, tedious work, but I loved it, and the designs, when done, made the ornaments look like wedding cakes - all lacey and Victorian.

Now, I no longer have a kiln that will fire porcelain and glazes, so using a glaze to do this again is impossible. Plus, what I want to do is a miniature version of that - with beads rather than large ornaments. So, it would have to be the same 'look' without the necessity of firing to a high temperature. Then.....I found the same company I used so long ago as a supplier of these glazes - and they were on the internet....and they had a non-firing version of the glazes! Woo Hoo!! I was in!!

But no....I wasn't. I tried ordering from the order form on the website....hmmm...I could fill it out, but it would not submit - got an error. Ok, I thought - I'll just call the 800 number on the website, and order by phone (how archaic that seems!). But...when I dialed the number, I got a very odd cryptic message.....directing me to call a number in a format I did not that was a no go. Then I thought, I'll just email them with their contact form on their website, and see what's up....and yup, you guessed it....would not an error. Being the persistent type (and because they are the only people that I could find with this particular product), I searched around the website til I found an email address not hidden inside a form - and I emailed them. And, wonder of wonders, it went through....

I waited all through I'm thinking they're no longer in business, and I need to find a Plan B. I cruised the internet and found what 'might' work - but of course no one local has that product, so I can't try it without ordering from the internet....with shipping etc....when I don't know if it will work. Sigh....

Then, this morning.....wonder of wonders! An email in response to mine! Saying they were in the process of re-doing their website....and giving me a new 800 number to call and order by phone. But now I'm paranoid....are they for real? Should I call? Amazing how the doubts creep in - all because of all the errors on their website....

I'll keep you posted....what would you do? Leave me a comment!!

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