Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Couple of Updates...

First - the Caron "Project Linus" contest that I entered many moons ago....the deadline for entries was 'supposed' to be December 31 - by which time, each afghan should have been mailed off, and photos submitted to Caron. This I did.....and then waited....only to find out that - oopsie - they have now extended the deadline for entries to January 31.

I find this really off-putting. Not only was it a royal pain to actually find a place to send my afghan (finally sent it off to the national headquarters in Illinois), now evidently either they didn't get enough, or what they got for entries wasn't up to snuff, so they extended the deadline. The only saving grace in this entire thing is the thought that sometime, my soft little afghan will be wrapped around a baby. I won't be entering any more contests for Project Linus, nor for Caron any time soon.

We'll see what happens on January 31 - will they really pick the 6 contestants to have y'all vote for? (and did they not have six who entered before?). If, and when they do....I'll post the picture of my afghan here again, and ask that (if you like it!) you go and vote for it!

On another note...sigh....the free class I signed up for was supposed to start January 7 - but guess what - do I see a pattern here? - the class was postponed til January 14. Some problem with the method of posting classes or something.

This new year of discovery is getting off to a rocky start....

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