Monday, February 16, 2009

Baby Afghan Contest Update...News!!

At long last - it has happened - the final entries are up for voting!!

Instead of the 6 I read about originally, they have 12 finalists - and will be eliminating them one by one, based on votes.

I was astonished and so thrilled to learn that my afghan is one of the 12!!! Believe me, that was worth the wait!! a little shameless self-promotion....I would love it if you would go over to the Caron site and vote for me!!

Here's a picture of my afghan:

To vote....go to

On the front page there is a green circle - saying to click to vote for the baby afghan contest - my afghan is # 7.
You will need to vote yes/no for each of the twelve entries - to either move them to the next week or not.
I truly would appreciate your support!!

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