Monday, February 9, 2009

Mixin' It Up!

February has become the month I am playing around with paper - using it in all kinds of forms, in all kinds of ways....had some rather nice failures already - but that's ok - learning what works and what doesn't...

Today I played around with melting was in the Melting Pot - coloring it with Dollar Store crayons (that worked!), and then applying it to a a lot to learn here - this was a failure. But....I learning a bit about the Melting Pot and beeswax!

Moving on....I keep going back to the perforated paper and miniature petit-point. I have all these truly cool variegated threads/floss/cotton - Watercolours by Caron - had them for years. So today, I combined that with some other things - punched paper, layering metal punching....and came up with a card I really like. Now I have to find a lovely saying for the inside to print on vellum....and I'll be set to give this to my sweetie!

Here 'tis:

The card itself is just cardstock that I cut in half - the heart-shaped doily is from the grocery store (!), I cut the dark pink square from a wonderful book of huge paint samples that my brother in law gave me...what a find they are! I then punched out the heart shape, cut the perforated paper to fit behind it...colored it with my Prismacolor markers and did my petit-point with a variegated pink/blue/gold thread. When I put the layers together, I used sticky dots to raise the heart-cut-out above the petit-point. Then I punched out some cool little hearts from metal and glued them on in random spots on the dark pink. I'm quite happy with the result! What do you think?

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