Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Little Inspiration...

I have wanted to participate in a 'creative blog challenge' that is a feature of the blog
A Creative Dreamer

I didn't make it in June....just couldn't get any ideas at all....but that made me even more determined to try to do it in July - and this time the 'creative prompt' was "Dream". Now that was a really good one!

This was just as I received the wonderful news that my cancer is now in complete remission - so this really was a dream come true....thanks to God, the doctors, and all the prayers offered by all my friends.

So...I came up with a couple of designs - one in silver and pastels...freshwater pearls and silver just seemed so calm and a dream stirred by the clouds.... here is that design:

That was a good one.......but then I wanted to do one that was more of a 'dream come true' one....and all I could think of was fireworks.....which translated into various colors of Swarovski crystal beads on different lengths of fireworks falling from the sky... Here they are:

This was truly fun.....and stretched the imagination a little to come up with an idea prompted by a word....and one given by someone else....looking forward to doing this again in August!

Stay tuned....


A Creative Dream... said...

Trish...I am so, so, SO happy to hear! And I love the earrings...I think they are a GREAT interpretations of the prompt!

Kim said...

they are both very beautiful! I love the first set and your thoughts behind them, but then the second set is just as wonderful! Such happy news to share also!!! Hooray!

Magpie Sue said...

Congrats on the cancer being in remission! Hurray!!!

I *love* the first set of earrings you made in response the July's challenge. Very sweet.