Saturday, July 10, 2010

Some Copper Fun...

While trying to solve some problems making copper charms, I started playing around with different gauge copper wire....coiling it, hammering it....

I think that anyone who uses a hammer on a regular basis would crack up watching me with my tiny little anvil, and tiny hammer....but the wire coils are tiny too, and a big hammer is kinda overkill. So, I look silly, but that little hammer does a good job!

First I experimented with putting together different gauge coils in the same design....with small and smaller copper jump rings....liked how that looked, and couldn't resist adding some copper crystal bicone beads on long headpins - and liked that even more! These might become a favorite of mine!

Here they are:

That was such fun, I kept on going and tried doing scrolls - connected coils - I started out thinking bracelet - but then decided to stay small....I wear earrings more than bracelets, after all. Couldn't leave them totally plain - so I added some Swarovski glass pears drops - the creamy color goes well with copper!

Here is the second design:

But, this design would be very cool as a necklace with added dangles....little steampunk flavor I think....hmmmm.....I know exactly what I want to do here.....stay tuned!

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