Friday, July 30, 2010

Show and Tell...

Not sure what is going on with my crafting equipment....the revenge of the machines? A few days ago, my tumbler quit....the little roller part that makes the tumbling chamber go round and round literally melted off. Guess it just couldn't stand the combination of the hours of tumbling, and the temperature of the studio when I'm not in there....gets right toasty! tumbling - no pretty copper jump rings shiny as a new that gets put on hold. I tried going back to the low-tech way of cleaning them up....salt and vinegar...but didn't get them clean and shiny enough for me to use....

Of course, the sites that sell the tumbler do NOT sell any replacement parts, even though the google search says they! Their idea of replacement parts is extra tumbling medium and rocks. Hoping my hubby can fix this and make it all new again!

Today, I went out to the studio....and there across my work station that I am using lay my lamp on its extension arm. Now this is not just a lamp....the lamp also has a large magnifying class in the center - makes it just marvelous to use to work on tiny favorite kind of there a message here? The block that holds the entire lamp, and clamps on to the counter top just split in half...or is split and bent at a very odd angle.....not gonna go back where it was.

But, I soldiered on....I promised a picture of the tiny dark iridescent blue pearl beads....guess they are what's called a 'potato' shape....kind of irregular....but that appeals to me. They are small - I forgot to put a dime or something in the picture to give it some kind of scale....but each one is about half the size of a pencil eraser....maybe a little smaller.
Here they are:

Open to any suggestions as to what I should make with these. This is only part of what I have....there are probably three times the amount shown in the picture. Can't wait to read what you think these beads should become!

Also....the person whose idea I decide to use will receive a pair of fringe earrings. And...for those who don't know what it is that I call 'fringe earrings' - here is a pair...I make several versions of these, but the basic shape and kind of beads is what is shown here....the pair shown are a pretty iridescent (love that shimmery color!) pinky-lavender...and the design is one of my favorites....

Here's your chance to own a pair of these - which normally sell for $15.00 - gratis! Free shipping too! Who can resist that? Bring on the suggestions!

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Magpie Sue said...

I belive I have some little freshwater pearls just like those in my stash!

Just wanted to tell you that you can read about the Bead Journal Project at or you can click on the badge on the sidebar of my blog and that will take you to one of the three blogs where participants are posting what they're doing throughout the year. Be careful though, you could spend hours on the computer!