Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Some More Goodies

My, it sure is easy to let time get away from me! Been way too long since I posted....partly because of all that's going on....and partly because I'm trying to learn more about Photoshop...which I'm finding has a steep learning curve!

But I digress.....a while back I had seen a necklace using graduated lengths of chain as a foundation.....I really liked the look, and decided to use it to see what I could come up with...I used some really pretty pastel Antique Rose Swarovski bicone crystal beads, and as a focal piece, a little silver dragonfly. I love dragonflies, and this just set the whole design off! is the result:

Looks so pretty hanging from the silver plated chain.....and is just lovely when worn - really attracts attention!

Of course, such a pretty piece deserves a pair of earring to go with out came more crystal beads, and a couple more dragonflies....suspended on bits of chain....a perfect complement!

I am trying hard to get back into a 'crafting routine' - spending a bit of time out in the studio each (or most) day.....and there's more to show stay tuned!

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