Thursday, May 14, 2009

Disaster de Jour...

This is the kind of 'deja vu' I can do without. After just 16 days of having my computer back and supposedly 'fixed' - it dropped dead again. Just shut off, and won't even turn on now, much less try to boot up. Wonderful.

Two upsides tho - one, I DID sign up with an online backup service to backup said 'dead' computer - and Sunday I'll find out if that's worth keeping and paying for - am on the free trial now. The second upside is that, since I no longer trusted that computer - I went ahead and got the 'pieces' for a new, state-of-the-art computer. I am blessed to have a son who builds them - and he is an invaluable resource! He told me what to buy....from the 1 Terrabyte hard drive ( a terrabyte? Wow!) down to a new DVD combo drive. The only things I'll be using from the dead computer will be the keyboard and mouse. All else will be new. It will be really beefed up in the graphics area so I can do my video editing etc. and never have to worry that the computer can't hack it!

Meanwhile, I am working from my 2003 laptop - which is filling in really nicely - I've even gotten used (again) to the tiny keyboard that is NOT ergonomic, and the really small screen. Ah, what I used to think was the be all-end all in laptops back then!

So...for the rest of this week - I'll be limping along here....

New and improved come Monday!!

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