Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Never-Ending Story...

It just seems that once this ball starts finds a hill and goes down it! Got my new machine working....there was a conflict between my online backup ( - a great program!) and my anti-virus. The anti-virus lost, as the subscription was almost up - so switched over to Internet Security by PC Tools. So far am liking it - and no conflicts (meaning no 'blue screen of death').

Then had a problem with the host of 12 of my websites that I manage for a client....they 'help' folks were less than helpful. So....I just said, if we can't resolve it, I will go elsewhere. They didn't seem too I moved them. Found the BEST host ever! If you need a host for your website, with a reasonable cost, and a real commitment to customer service - check out - you won't be sorry! And, guess what....the problem the other folks just couldn't solve? Done - right away. Ahhhh....such a rare treat - someone who cares!

Needless to say....guess what suffered? Yep - making jewelry...sigh. I did get a couple of things done in between all this really fun stuff. They are all over at my site on iCraft - but I wanted to show them off here too....might be a tutorial on them coming...

Here's one - my cobweb earrings and necklace pendant:

And the necklace:

More to come!!

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Birdie said...

me likey!!!! I hate wire wrapping. I tried it recently and I was so frustrated. I think my wire was too thick though. This is super cool!