Friday, May 8, 2009

Fun With Wire-Wrapping!

Took some time to go out into my studio yesterday and got in a little bit of beady fun! Sometimes that's hard to do - lots of stuff tends to get in the way....

I have had these pretty blue foil-lined square beads for a while. I love them, and was waiting til I found just the right thing to do with them. As I was straightening up the extremely slightly messy countertop, I found a package of pretty German silver by Beadalon, made just for wire-wrapping. The light-bulb went on, and I abandoned the cleaning in favor of trying my idea out.

I wanted the wire to all be one piece, add decoration, wrapping, and a loop at the top - and it was surprisingly easy! I was thankful the holes in the pretty beads were large enough to pass the 24 gauge wire through twice!

Here is what they look like - and you can find all the rest of the details on them on my site at iCraft!

I have more to come - but I want to try my hand with the camera again - see if I can get creative with the photos! Stay tuned....!


BONNIE K said...

I love the way those turned out!

Pand0ra Wilde said...

Beautiful! And it figures that I'm broke because my long long red hair is now short red hair and earrings show again, but no bux for fun, boooooooooo!